My name is Andy Walker.

I do a few things.

I drum

I taught myself to drum at the relatively late age of 21 or thereabouts, after having realized that a lifetime of tapping on desks, doors, beds, mugs and other people was clearly an omen. Nowadays I'm making up for lost time.

I currently co-lead the Harbingers Drum Crew, a bloc of varying size (up to 25 occasionally!) playing pavement-smashing beats inspired by metal, taiko, samba and drum'n'bass.

I played for about seven years with the Edinburgh Samba School.

Current projects: developing a solo act using drum triggers, loop pedal, djembe and singing; improving my live kit drumming; learning to sing better; continuing to dabble in the random instruments I've picked up over the years (latest: trombone!)

I code

I currently work for Sequentec, writing industrial control software, data analysis and web-based data dashboards for tidal and wave power platforms.

I spent eight years at Amazon, including three years building a web app to allow prospective movie makers to create animated storyboards with music and sound effects, all in the browser.

I'm a polyglot: not necessarily an expert in any language, but I can learn whatever I need to get the job done. My currently used languages are industrial automation C, Python and JavaScript, but I also have a soft spot for Ruby and CoffeeScript.

I write music

Current stuff

Mixed Signals (I like singing)

Digital (I like dance music)

True Analogue (live music and field recordings)

Practice (everybody needs practice)

Old stuff

Not necessarily chronologically - these just don't represent my current work. Some of them aren't very good. Take them as a documentary timeline ;)


New stuff always goes up on my SoundCloud page before it arrives here.

Occasionally I draw and paint and make things

Say hi?

You can catch me on Facebook, check out my CV on LinkedIn, or email me.

Photo credit: 'birds - tendrils - hearts - flowers {curtain pattern}' by quapan

Vital statistics

Height: quite tall

Weight: due to gravity

Eye colour: brown

Favourite food: things without meat in

Favourite editor: Vim

Favourite drum fill: tak takarak takarak tak takarak tak takarak tak takarak takaraka