I'm a programmer.

I studied Computer Science at Glasgow's Strathclyde University, and graduated with first class honours and the Charles Babbage Prize for best final year project.

I worked for Amazon Development Centre Scotland for eight and a half years. I helped build a user-contributed music encyclopedia (SoundUnwound - now defunct), worked on the software that presented customer recommendations on Amazon front pages worldwide, and had a hand in creating a browser-based movie storyboarding/audio composition environment (Amazon Studios Storyteller - also defunct).

During that time, I became the centre's expert in JavaScript, browser compatibility and web performance (including IE6 quirks mode, for my sins!), learned far too much about the undocumented limitations of the iPad and Amazon Fire browsers, found and fixed a minor but annoying bug in the core of jQuery's animation framework, and created a tool used globally by store managers to put little snowflakes on product images for Xmas*, amongst many other things.

In 2016, I left Amazon and joined Sequentec Ltd, where I write software for wave and tidal energy prototypes, and other green energy projects.

I work with industrial PLCs, programmed in industrial C and IEC languages, as well as writing a lot of Python scripts to process scientific data, setting up web-based dashboards, and being a small-time system administrator and network engineer.

Other odd jobs have also fallen to me, such as specifying wi-fi antennas for a long-range wi-fi link, analysing failure probabilities for different configurations of undersea network hub, and troubleshooting serial connections on a tidal platform in the middle of a river. Generally, the philosophy is "we don't know how to do that yet, but give us a day or two and we'll get back to you with an answer."

You can find a more detailed and usually more up-to-date CV on LinkedIn.

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